Mayhem & Margaritas

I promised you this was not your average mom blog, and to keep good on that promise you will find that my recipes are easy, straight to the point and geared for any level of cooking ability. I will never drag out a recipe with a long winded story about visiting Aunt Ginny’s farm each summer picking blueberries while Uncle Joe was down at the creek catching the freshest fish for dinner. Nope-Never! Heck, I’m lucky to get to the grocery store on Sunday with enough energy left to actually cook the food I just spent a mortgage payment on! These recipes are geared for normal everyday people who just want to feed their starving troops before they revolt, not about a lengthy back story.

However, I do have one quick story to tell you and I think it’s important…..

It was 1989. I was in 8th grade and suffering from a really realllllllllllly bad perm (which really isn’t important to the story, I just felt like you should know – It was tragic!). I was taking home-ec class because I was a girl and that what we did, but honestly I just really liked to eat so it made sense – hellooooo free food! Also, I wasn’t very good at core subjects thanks to my ADD, so electives were my opportunity to have a class with less pressure. Dear Lord it’s been 30+ years and I still can’t stop thinking about that day in 8th grade home-ec class. We were baking cookies, I was going along through the recipe when Miss D came over to supervise our progress. Apparently I wasn’t measuring things with 100% accuracy so she looked at me in front of the entire class and said “Kelly, recipes are meant to be followed. You don’t just make up your own as you go along”. I remember standing there completely embarrassed.

It took a long time to regain confidence in the kitchen after that day.

Here’s the point of that story…she was wrong! Recipes are meant to be adapted and changed! Not everyone likes the same things, or have the same tastes. You should cook the way you like to cook, not to please anyone else. Relax in the kitchen! Enjoy the kitchen! Reinvent recipes to your taste! If you don’t have an ingredient, or you don’t like an ingredient, google a substitute. There’s always a way! By all means, if you just don’t feel like cooking-order a pizza. I promise, I don’t judge!!!

If you enjoy my recipes, let me know! If you try new versions, also let me know! I love to hear what others are cooking up in their kitchen!

Happy feasting!


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