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You’re probably wondering what type of page you just landed on?! Mayhem and Margaritas? Sounds like a kick-ass college party!! WRONG! Although the days of wild parties, getting dressed up in my best rugby shirt, nerdleneck, and pegged Guess jeans, with my girlfriends are past, there’s a new version of mayhem…. it’s called parenting! 

Mayhem is the best word to describe the last 21 years. It was October of 1999 to be exact. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was 23 years old, newly married (thank you baby on the way) and beyond excited to be a mom. I watched every episode of A Baby Story – obviously I was an expert! I remember itching to get out of that hospital and home to show off Ryan. Looking back it may have been the epidural that had me itching from head to toe, but that’s not important. 

It probably took about 2 days before I was in full “mayhem” mode! Nobody told me that circumcisions can open and bleed. Or that boys can pee SO much when you’re in the middle of changing their diaper. Or that I would be breastfeeding this child while on the toilet because he would eat SO FREAKING MUCH. Why didn’t they show this on my baby show? Oh, that’s right! Because nobody with a functioning brain would want to do this. That’s ok, I’ll just read another chapter from one of the 2467 baby books I got for my shower. 

It must not have been that bad, because 2 short years later we welcomed Tony into the world.


and then 5 years after that, Breece.

The books went away and were replaced by experience. 3 kids – 7 years – friends in the same situations as me. We were building a village of support. Sometimes we had the same experiences and sometimes we had different views, but that’s how we supported each other – through personal experiences. 

As a mom I’ve been through the best of the best, to the worst of the worst. Mayhem and Margaritas, is our story of survival – parenting survival. I’m taking the perfect filters off and giving you my best kept secrets. From communicating with your teen, to surviving the high school years, college shopping, living through a childhood cancer diagnosis, all the way to the rewards of watching your child turn into an awesome young adult. Oddly, nobody gave me books on the teenage and beyond years, I assume you didn’t get one either! 

There’s just a couple rules: bring your sense of humor (you’re gonna need it) and leave the judgment behind (ain’t nobody got time for that). This is a bumpy ride! Sometimes it’s unicorns and glitter – sometimes it’s mayhem and mommy needs a margarita!

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  1. Kelly ❤️ Very inspiring .. thank you for being brave enough to share and take us along your journey , very excited to read on – keep it going girl

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