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How To Get Your Kids To Clean Their Room In 1 Easy Step

That’s right, you heard me, 1 easy step to get your kids to clean their room, and you might even get a good laugh while watching them. 

I would like to hug the parents that have kids who keep their rooms clean and tidy. I used to have full control over my kids’ bedrooms when they were younger, but something happened along the way and now they live like feral animals. I have no idea what causes this shift in sanitation but I’ve come to the point where I just have to shut their doors, put up caution tape, and pray we never have a fire because I don’t know how they will get out alive.

It cracks me up when I see influencers showing off their houses, especially their kids rooms. Everything looks like it’s straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Meanwhile my kids’ rooms look like a high school gym locker room combined with the clearance section at IKEA and the concession stand of a movie theater.

I’ve been seeing all over social media these moms who came up with a brilliant idea to scare their kids into cleaning their room. Full disclosure – I didn’t originate this parental geniusness but I feel it’s my civic duty to bring you all into the know!

These clever moms, while grocery shopping at their local Trader Joe’s, stumbled upon an item that somehow sparked this crazy, yet genius, idea. The mystery ingredient for their Mommy-Witches brew of evil genius… BLACK RICE!

They bought a bag and when their kids weren’t looking they snuck into their rooms and strategically scattered the rice in areas where their kids left food or dirty cups and dishes. The reason… to scare them into thinking their filth has brought mice into their bedrooms and inspire a deep cleaning and maintenance of their rooms! 

I give mad credit to these ladies. They upped their mom game big time here, but my first thought was no way is anyone going to believe those grains of rice are mouse poop! Have you seen mouse poop in real life? That rice is too big! If you have mice laying poop that big, you don’t have mice, you have rats! – and that takes this mom hack to a whole new level of horror!

Regardless, I wanted in on this game but I wasn’t sure my wilderness boys were going to fall for it, with rice!

That’s when it dawned on me that not 2 weeks ago my husband was screaming my name from that laundry room, and it wasn’t to announce that he had just done his first load of laundry in 45 years. No sir! As much as I’d love some help around here with that chore, I don’t think my mom-bod is ready for belly shirts because he shrunk everything. He was yelling because he thought we had a massive mouse problem. There was “mouse poop” scattered all over the shoe shelf in the laundry room. When I went to investigate our infestation, I said “That’s not poop, that’s turf from the lacrosse field. It must have come out of the cleats”.    

Our house is tucked into a very wooded area, and I am terrified of critters. This man has spent the last 23 years teaching me about living with mice, and trying to comfort me by saying every house has them, YET he was convinced that the turf was mouse poop. 

Then just the other day one of the boys was hollering to me that we have mice in the house again, because there’s poop on the floor by the shoe basket. There they were again…the cleats, and what was in the cleats? Turf! Or as I’m now referring to it, BLACK MAGIC!!! ….Muhahahahah

So if your kids are anything like mine, and you want to get them to clean their room in one easy step, here’s your mission…

  • Grab a sandwich baggy and head on over to your nearest turf field (probably your local high school)
  • Scoop up some black magic
  • Wait for your child(ren) to leave the house
  • Put on your hazmat suit
  • Enter the danger zone
  • Plant the poop
  • Enjoy watching your kid clean their room using this one easy step

Have fun with this one, and Happy Pranking!

Please report back! I’d love to hear your results.

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