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Get It Girl-A fresh new start-be A Role Model

I want to be the best version of myself for my kids and also a role model for them. So why is it that my 19 year old, fitness fanatic, is my current role model?

My husband has this motto that he’s totally ok with gaining a few pounds because it means he’s working hard and earning enough money to eat well. Funny, I thought it was quarantine that added those #s?! Who knew? With that in mind, I’m starting to think either I’m married to Elon Musk or we have a bank account I’m not privy to. The Dad-bod is so socially acceptable yet somehow when I tried to rock the Mom-bod thing, it just came off as frightening – hypocrites!

The weather is starting to break around here now (New England winters are never good for motivation) and today was gorgeous. I don’t think I’ve put on real clothes in….well….forever. I know I need to start getting myself back in shape. I used to run ½ marathons for fun. Crazy, right? It’s been week after week of saying “I’m definitely getting my ass back to it next week”, sometimes I think I lie to myself more than my kids. Not to mention it doesn’t help that my sister likes to share her daily Peloton sweat-sesh with me.


Now don’t be fooled, I searched for one all morning but couldn’t come up with one that stuck, and I knew that my only hope of accomplishing this goal was to get out of the house before the older 2 woke up and started their daily challenge of who can say my name the most before breakfast. I hate to break it to you new moms, but your children will actually become MORE needy after middle school. In my case, I believe this is part of their “How to be a Husband” training program.

So I crammed that last ½ of my vanilla frosted donut down my throat and went looking for my old workout clothes. I knew as soon as I opened that drawer and saw all those fluorescent colors I’d be instantly inspired. I was…thank god…or it was going to be another day of 10 hours surfing social media. I pulled out the shorts I PR’d the Boston half marathon in, because if I wore those then, I would definitely be able to crush a mere 3 miles today, right?

With Eye of the Tiger playing in my mind, I WAS READY!

Oddly those shorts only made it to my thighs before my cardio for the day began, wiggling, jumping and twitching all over the bedroom like a slimy fish out of water gasping for air. So if anyone is looking for a pair of well loved Lululemon running shorts, they will be on FaceBook yard sale later this afternoon. On a positive note though, I think if Sir Mix A Lot makes a comeback, I’m a sure winner as an extra in one of his rap videos . Get it girl….this momma can shake that middle aged saggy booty.

Thankfully, I eventually found something that I could breathe in, yet kept my mom-bod from looking like a ½ opened can of biscuits. I grabbed a pair of Airpods, and headed out for Day 1 of the new me. 

It felt amazing! The sun was shining on my pale winter white face, I had my favorite jams playing, I felt ALIVE!

I didn’t make it too far before my airpods started making weird noises. All I could hear was, click-click-click-click. I took them out and fiddled with them – I HATE technology, something is always glitching on me. Remember when we had Discman (we were so cutting edge), you would run and the stupid thing would skip with every stride you took? That’s exactly what I thought was happening with these airpods. I thought things got better as we advanced? I was about ready to toss them across the road when it dawned on me that the clicking was still there, even with them out of my ears. Uh, ya, it wasn’t the airpods clicking. No, no, it was my HIP! Fantastic, yet another thing that didn’t improve with time – my body!

My walk continued, and I picked up into a jog because I realized my hip was still intact and maybe it just needed a tuneup, to get things lubricated and moving again. Yesss! This was great, I was doing it! I know they say to listen to your body and recognize the signs, but I was determined, and I knew if I could just push through and make it through today’s goal, the following days would just get easier. No pain, no gain – right ladies? You know what? I’m going to do it again tomorrow and the next day, despite the 10 signs along the way that said STOP – I’ve never heard of anyone getting a ticket for running a stop sign on foot!

When my oldest saw me after my run, he said I looked like a 20 year old girl! I mean, how much more motivation does one need to continue on? Ok, well he didn’t say I LOOKED like a 20 year old girl, he said I was DRESSED like a 20 year old girl and I needed to go change before anyone saw me trying to pull this look off- but HEY, I’ll take it!! Day 1 was a success!

And heck, if this exercising for a better mom-bod doesn’t work out, I can always purchase some of those TikTok perfect-ass leggings that the 20 year old girls are wearing!

Or maybe I should have just tried those first… I’ll keep you posted!

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